Values of Samarpan

The values or Sanskara (Sanskrit: संस्कार) of samarpan mediation as per Himalayan Gurus are being propagated all over the world since 1995, through a living satguru, Shree Shivkrupanand Swami, as a medium or channel of Parmatma. People from all around the world practice the samarpan meditation without any barrier of race, caste, colour, religion, nationality or language.

Four fundamental values as believed and practiced by the Guru and disciples :

1.Parmatma:  Parmatma is the Universal Consciousness or the Divine energy that is prevalent in each and every atom and particle in the World. Parmatma does not have any ‘shape’ or ‘form’ and it is not visible; but it can definitely be experienced, wherever it is present in collectivity. For example an ocean is a collective form of billions of water molecules and a mountain is a collection of stones. So, when we go close to them we become thoughtless.  Similarly, we can experience the Collective Consciousness, when we go close to an enshrined (Samadhisth समाधिस्थ -) or Living Guru, who is connected to a collective energy of thousands of Souls

2.Dharma ( ) or Religion: The true religion of Human Being is HUMANITY. Just like the nature of water is to flow, the nature of a human being is to LOVE. Most of the current world religions that we know today involve worshipping Parmatma or God, and are traditionally practiced through various cultures all around the world.  They aim at connecting one’s Soul to the SuperSoul or Parmatma or God by giving DOs and DON’Ts guidelines as taught in the centuries old scriptures  passed down through generations. Unfortunately, people practice them all their life, and do not find themselves reaching to the state of Soul or Self Realization or connecting with Parmatma. Samarpan Meditation instantly connects one’s Soul (aatma) with Parmatma and awakens one’s humanity

3. Guru:  He is the medium through whom parmatmas divine energy reaches us, he is an empty pipe.

4. Samarpan Meditation:

Dhyan: A quieter mind without thoughts that can naturally rose above in the Samadhi

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