The Meditation

SAMARPAN MEDITATION is an 800-year-old meditation technique developed by the Himalayan Sages, to experience this  ‘Self Knowledge’ ( Atma Gnan). All along the past 800 years, the tradition had been one of handing down this complete Knowledge from one Guru to a Deserving Disciple, who in turn followed the same tradition. Swamiji is the first to bring this in its simplicity to the level of an ordinary human being.

The word Samarpan can be translated loosely as “to surrender” while “to release” or “let go” are perhaps better meanings, helping one to offer fully one’s ego and all that hinders one’s progress, such as repeat thoughts of the past and the future, to Universal Consciousness. 

With Samarpan Meditation there are no dogmas that set the rules—no dos and don’ts that need to be followed. Samarpan Meditation first awakens the part of the dormant energy that is in each one of us from birth, called Kundalini. Once awakened, one comes to know what is beneficial and what is harmful to oneself and naturally comes to life and performs accordingly. 

The Practice

The practice is a simple thirty-minute daily meditation with a sincere desire to let go of the body sense and to connect with Universal Consciousness. Samarpan Meditation does not involve any physical exercises or breathing practice or any other type of practice for that matter. As explained elsewhere on this website, there are no restrictions on age, belief system, or lifestyle. We progress spiritually if we continually assimilate the values that our Spiritual Master – Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji embodies

The Universal Consciousness is ready to meet us in every moment. It is we who are not ready, and being ready in this way is meditation.

– H. H. Shivkrupanand Swami

Meditation involves doing nothing! Once one is seated most comfortably with the back erect and the mind’s attention brought to the crown of the head, one simply rests thus in the silence of the mind after reciting the mantra. 

The mantra “I am a Holy Soul; I am a Pure Soul” is recited thrice with a feeling of reverence  (‘Bhava’). 

One simply ‘let goes’ of one’s past regrets and bitterness as well as anxieties for the future. Simply maintaining awareness of the mind on the crown of the head, one does nothing for the next thirty minutes. Making any effort at meditation only comes in the way of ‘surrendering (Samarpan) to the great collectivity of souls or Swamiji. During these silent moments, one neither engages in any thought nor suppresses them; one realizes that the past and the future having been completely given out, are no longer one’s own, to recall. With this kind of complete Samarpan (surrender) even a brief experience of one’s own self is often enough to bring great joy and peace.  

With regular daily meditation preferably early in the morning, for at least forty-five days, one starts experiencing the vibrations of Universal Consciousness flowing upwards through the spinal cord to settle on the top of the head bringing a sense of Peace. We then come to live a joyful life, overcoming all difficulties while humbly helping others in the process.  

When you are balanced you will succeed in every act you perform, you don’t have to run from your work or job, be there but be balanced. …. Once you’re balanced you can hear your inner voice and succeed in whatever you wish to do.

-H. H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swami

Our Aura

Just as every individual’s thumbprint is different, so is everyone’s personal aura, our human biofield. Auras are dynamic and change according to a person’s thoughts and feelings. One feels like spending time in the company of a person with a good aura and staying away from a person whose aura is not good. 

“Through meditation your thought pattern changes and then your surrounding aura changes and your entire life changes.”    

– H. H. Shivkrupanand Swami

Once the dormant Kundalini energy is awakened through Samarpan Meditation, it rises along the spine and through the lower six chakras, opening the connection to Universal Consciousness from the seventh chakra on top of the head. When all of the chakras and energy lines get cleansed and balanced, one gradually develops a strong, beautiful aura around oneself protecting and attracting positivity into one’s life. 

His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami’s aura is bathed in White color and Light Violet color which indicates a deep spiritual state of one who has transcended all physical/bodily feelings.

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