The Founder

  • His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji is the ‘Bhagirath’ (one who performs a stupendous task) who brought Samarpan Meditation from the caverns of the Himalayas to society, just like ‘Bhagirath’ (the great mythological king who by his austere devotion) had brought down the ‘Bhagirathi’ (River Ganga) for humanity.
  • The knowledge of Samarpan Meditation was confined only to the meditating sages, ascetics and ‘Kaivalya Kumbhak’ Yogis in the Himalayas. How did Swamiji reach them? Let us go back to Swamiji’s childhood to know about it.
  • Swamiji was born in a lower middle class Maharashtrian Brahmin family. His mother was a religious, gentle and quiet lady of few words. Swamiji received his religious orientation from his maternal grandparents and his mother. However, his quest took him in a different direction… he wished to meet God… and to obtain the spiritual experience.
  • Due to his father’s limited income Swamiji had to finance his own education, right from Matriculation (SSC) to Post-graduation in Commerce. He used to tutor students in his free time and earned money to pay for his fees and other educational material.
  • Right from his childhood, he was very fond of travelling. As a child, he would walk along the railway tracks and observe the villages and agricultural fields in the vicinity. As he grew a little older, he would travel on his friends’ bicycles to far off jungles and mountains. Then in the course of his job, he travelled to almost all the places in India. Whilst travelling, he would visit places of scenic beauty and at the same time he would also have spiritual discussions with the spiritual people of that particular place.
  • Whenever he went into a deep meditative trance whilst chanting mantras, he would get the vision of three images consecutively. In his meditation he saw: 1. Pashupatinath Temple (Nepal) 2. An ascetic – who was around six feet tall, fair skinned with blue eyes and a long white beard 3. A Temple of Lord Shiva on a hillock.
Swamiji, his wife (Guruma), his three children

  • Once when he had gone to Kanpur for some job-related work, he found that due to some reason the Banks there were on strike and this situation was expected to continue for some time. Then Swamiji thought to himself – why not go to Nepal and get darshan of Lord Pashupatinath? So he left for Nepal and got darshan of Lord Pashupatinath. There he met an old gentleman who had come from Sudur Shibu village and who said to Swamiji, “Shiv Baba is waiting for you, come along!” When Swamiji met Shiv Baba, he realized that he was the same ascetic whose darshan he often used to get during meditation. Shiv Baba transferred all his spiritual energies to Swamiji and paved the way for his spiritual progress. Then Swamiji returned from Nepal and continued with his job.
  • Soon his marriage was fixed and he also had a son. When his son was eighteen months old, another Guru came to his house and took Swamiji away to the Himalayas after obtaining permission from his wife. Over there, Swamiji met and accepted several sages, ascetics and kaivalya kumbhak yogis as his Gurus and served them. Whilst performing service to the Gurus, he also obtained (spiritual) knowledge from them.
  • Each Guru bestowed him with all his knowledge and sent him to another Guru. Whilst obtaining knowledge from each Guru, Swamiji came to know about the meditation practice that paves the way for every soul’s path to liberation (moksha). That meditation practice is beyond religion, race, language and gender; meaning, all the souls in the world can meditate using that meditation practice.
  • Swamiji brought the meditation practice to society as commanded by his Gurus. Swamiji could learn this meditation only because he surrendered completely to his Gurus. Thus, this practice was named ‘Samarpan Dhyanyog.’ Every human being in the world who surrenders completely can obtain the knowledge of this meditation.
  • The objective of Swamiji’s life is the spiritual development of all the souls in the world and bestowing the state of liberation on them whilst they are living. That’s why he is distributing this priceless knowledge free of cost in many parts of the world. Swamiji himself is an ocean of Consciousness but always considers himself to be only a medium of the energies.

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